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This is where it all started.


Rise & Shine was established in 2007 as a DBA by what they so call the two brothers, the tall and the small, but we have been doing window cleaning since 2002 learning the skills that we today have.
We always tried to make the best of us for our customers, excellence and professionalism was our main goal to active a good relationship with them, some of them moved to another state.
We started with a single van with no equipment and for every store and houses we did, we were able to buy the tools we needed to perform a good job.
Our main goal with our customers is, to be honest, so we can continue making them happy with our services on holidays, emergencies, regularly services and events they have toward the year.

Happy Customers bring more business, so we had to expand.
We bought a second Van and we had to split so we could take care of the customers we acquired over the years.


With the time we were getting busier and expanding, but we still working and trying to make sure our customers are amazed by the work we perform.
We believe in quality and good customer services.
We select the best workers that we know with a good background, they become part of Rise & Shine and will take care of our customers just like when we started and will continue doing so.


Every Year that comes and enters a new horizon, we are thinking about how grateful we are to have terrific customers like you. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in the new year.
we appreciate and value each one of our customers. We especially love it when we get a new customer, as that gives us a chance to win your continued loyalty


Over the last few years, it has been our pleasure serving your needs. When you first contacted us, we were always hoping and confident We would see you again. You have graced us with your loyalty and patronage, and we very much appreciate the trust you have placed at Rise & Shine. We are looking forward to many more years of helping you in any way we can!

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