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Window Cleaning

Rise & Shine Window Cleaning was derived to offer the finest service available within the residential, commercial and Industrial, addressing every common complaint customers have with existing contractors. We are proud to work long days, proud to work all year and we only employ trustworthy operators.

We clean the entire windows we wipe the frames and sills. We spend far longer than the average window cleaner, getting into every corner. 
We operate with types of equipment such as squeegees, mop, pools, and many others, 
Reliability is key to keeping a long-lasting working relationship; Your property will be cleaned on a reliable and predictable round schedule. We can notify you before we arrive and cleans can be re-scheduled at any time. All of our vans are marked with the same livery and our operators are all uniformed with visible company logos. Our operators are background screened, fully employed and fully trained using our equipment.

We offer a free estimate for your home, store or building.
 We promise to give you a competitive price! 
Let us know your needs so we can take a look 

Gutter Cleaning

Ensuring your gutters are clear and clean is an important part of your home's weatherproofing & waterproofing system.
Debris can collect in the gutters. Grass, moss and even birds nest can frequently be found to be the cause of blockage to the gutter. It is difficult to predict and prevent however as for the most part the contents of the gutter are very difficult to see from the ground.
The gutters must be cleaned regularly. Bi-annually is preferred. Spring and Autumn ideally. Although if your house is located directly under trees more frequent cleaning may be required. It is advisable to minimally have the gutters cleaned before winter. If debris and water get trapped in the gutter it can freeze in the colder weather and form blocks of ice. This will put a strain on the gutter, the gutter brackets and also the gutter
When our gutter cleaners arrive at your home to clean the gutters do tell him where you feel there is a problem with the gutters, such as a leak, and the gutter cleaner will be sure to check the gutters are completely cleaned and he will pay particular attention to any problem areas that you have mentioned. So if need be he will repair the gutters on-site.

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Power Washing

Rise & Shine is a professional team of highly experienced exterior cleaning experts specializing in a wide range of professional pressure washing for commercial, Residential and Industrial. Whether it is your beloved home, commercial enterprise, or a grade Listed building, we approach every job, big or small, we would be there for you.
We take pride, dedication, and passion and will be guaranteeing spotless finishes for all surface types. Offering the very best in a professional and courteous job. We are your local, reliable and affordable exterior for your specific job. 
Let us know your thoughts about our quote and we could always do something for you.


Solar Panel Washing


Rise & Shine can clean your solar panels at a set cost per panel.
The initial cost per panel would vary from $4 to $6. This includes a deep clean to make sure all residual dirt, algae are removed.
Having a dirty solar panel can cause loss of efficiency, Rise & Shine recommend cleaning once a year after the pollen season.
This even includes cleaning the edges as detailed below to prolong the If you would like to have your solar panel cleaned every 6 months we could set you with our lowest price.
The above costs are subject to a minimum charge of $100.00
We can clean any roof panels big or small, Let us take a look.

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